Upstate Mob Story

In the hinterlands the Mafia is just as brutal.

Utica, New York, 1979. The local mob boss, Joe Carbone, skims what criminal profits remain to be had from this declining Rust Belt city.

Vinnie Colangelo is haunted by the memory of his father, Peter, who had been a captain under Carbone until he vanished a decade ago. A mall shoe salesman, Vinnie regrets his life choices and wonders whether he would have been happier in his father’s line of work.

A mysterious, powerful stranger named Stan comes into Vinnie’s life and reveals the truth to him: that his father had been in rebellion against Carbone, and lost with his life. He goads Vinnie into following his Sicilian blood and pursuing a vendetta against Carbone.

The odds are bad for Vinnie as he takes on the entire Utica Mafia, but thanks to Stan he knows that he is armed with more than just his burning hatred of Carbone. But what will Vinnie ultimately owe Stan to have him as an ally?

Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook format.

Cover design by Peggy Heretz

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